Calligraphy Workshops

Best calligraphy course

Calligraphy Classes in Southampton, Winchester, Hampshire

Calligraphy classes in Southampton, Winchester, Hampshire offering modern and contemporary styles. You don’t need any previous experience to learn Calligraphy. Beginners can just come and have a go! Calligraphy is incredibly relaxing and absorbing. You’ll be writing words in no time and be able to apply your skill to cards, envelopes, place names and personalise all sorts of projects. Perhaps you’d like to start practising for a special event like a wedding or new baby. I’ll help you step by step. All materials are provided for your use during the workshop. My challenge is to get you addicted to calligraphy! Book a place below for yourself or a treat for a friend.

Book a place here for Calligraphy or Watercolour workshops

Please email if you are interested in a 1-1 lesson or if you have a small group of friends who would like a calligraphy session. An approximate cost is £40 per person for 2hrs with a minimum of two people. You could also consider gifting a lesson to a friend or come along together.

 If there are no workshops scheduled, check out my online course page. 

You can also try for classes in Winchester.

Once or twice a year, I teach for Winchester Cathedral. Check their events here 

Best calligraphy course